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Our Everyday Choices Matter

Consumers play an essential role in the successful transition to a circular bio-based economy. To make informed and conscious buying decisions, consumers rely on labels and certification schemes (LCS).

The 3-CO project will support consumers’ purchasing decisions towards more sustainable solutions by improving the communication of LCS on a Business-to-Consumers (B2C) level. To unlock the full potential of the bioeconomy and industrial bio-based products (BBPs) 3-CO will establish a supportive framework and develop actionable guidelines for LCS owners that reflect consumers’ and other stakeholders’ needs.

Meanwhile intense consumer involvement and digital tools will demonstrate their viability.

3CO - Everyday choices

The Challenge

3CO - The Challenge
Existing Labels and Certification Schemes (LCS) mostly use indicators and criteria that have been developed for traditional feedstocks (e.g. wood) and their applications. LCS development for novel BBPs has been hampered by their limited market volume.
In comparison to conventional materials, value chains of bio-based materials are often long due to numerous intermediate processing steps. Consequently, more effort is required to monitor the entire supply chain and obtain transparency.
EU regulations often do not apply to value chains that originate from outside the EU.

3-CO Goals

The 3-CO project aims to improve the sustainability performance and competitiveness of bio-based systems and will focus on consumer-oriented labelling options for sustainable industrial BBPs.
The supportive framework developed in 3-CO includes actionable guidelines for label design for LCS owners that reflect consumers’ and other stakeholders’ needs, digital solutions to support better-informed decision-making processes of consumers as well as policy recommendations on deploying social measures.
This framework is going to enable and support consumers to make more sustainable/environmentally responsible purchasing choices.

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Impacts and Benefits for the Environment,

Economy, Society and Health Through

23 04 04 3co impacts benefits
Transparency of BBP value chains and provision of information for consumers and public authorities through digital solutions
Improved understanding of metrics on environmental, societal and economic value generated by BBPs, thus increasing the market share of sustainable circular BBPs, influencing the business of companies that make and offer these
Increased understanding of public bodies about impacts on society and environment due to product purchasing choices. For industry and academia, this provides improved understanding of metrics on value generated per unit of biological resources
Innovative governance models
Improved sustainable practices not only in the EU but also in countries which produce materials and handle waste for the EU economy, thus reducing the EU’s global footprint
Use of non-hazardous products and decrease in household waste, ultimately contributing to a healthier environment and increased biodiversity.